About Vitality Wellness

Brad Hunsaker

Brad Hunsaker is the Owner of Vitality Wellness Center. Having built a successful Reflexology practice since 1993, Brad became immersed in the world of PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy in 2008. Brad saw how PEMF can bring cellular wellness, allowing the body to do profound 'self-healing'. Brad has utilized the best PEMF systems on the market personally with hundreds of clients and health practitioners. In 2013 Brad integrated the LENYO Systems and opened up Vitality Wellness Center. He says, "The LENYO Lux Plus & Fractal Systems are the most advanced form of PEMF available today, and by far the best wellness systems I have ever used!"

In March, 2017 Vitality began carrying "Real Time" Pain Relief- truly the best topical pain relief cream on the market, living up to it's name. All visitors get a FREE sample to experience pain relief within 2 - 5 minutes. 

Brad Hunsaker is an extraordinary foot reflexologist. I have achieved depths of relaxation and stress release with his healing touch never obtained with innumerable other practitioners in over 30 years of receiving treatments. His work is exemplary in the way he uses meditative prayer and intention to send healing energy through the body while he works reflex points. Brad has identified areas of discomfort in my body before my body manifested any symptom. I consider regular treatments with him an investment in well-being and a form of preventative medicine. I am happy to refer clients to Brad and gift friends his treatments knowing Brad is a healer of high integrity whose work is safe, definitely effective and often transformational.

- Enid V. Singer, PhD, MFT, CTS, Del Mar

Brad has a true gift for healing. Getting reflexology from Brad is pure bliss. You feel safe, nurtured and relaxed as he creates a very deep healing space for you. You leave feeling revitalized and re energized and very peaceful. I highly recommend Brad to all my students, friends and family.
- Susanne Haugen, Yoga Teacher, Cardiff By The Sea

Reflexology with Brad allows my nervous system to completely surrender. I experience a deep sense of relaxation, connectedness and rejuvenation every time I have a session with him. Brad sends me off to a peaceful journey of sleep. We are blessed to have Brad on our planet sharing his gift of healing touch. This is a must for everyone to experience!
- Nicole King, Massage Therapist, Oceanside

I am 91 years young and weekly reflexology sessions with Brad for the last 9 years have greatly enhanced my life. I used to take medication nightly to sleep, but I've been off completely now for over 8 years. Not only are Brad's sessions relaxing and pleasurable, but I feel they have greatly improved my overall health.
- Betty Wilson, age 91, La Costa

I have had regular weekly treatments with Brad for 15 years now, since I was referred to him in 2003. He is an extremely professional, dedicated, spiritual person who has great compassion for all mankind. I look forward to my treatments and use the time of complete relaxation to meditate and travel to faraway places.
- Sylvia Lampitt, Rancho Santa Fe

I have been a massage therapist for 16 years and during this time have tried all the different relaxation and healing techniques. Above all, my sessions with Brad are the most healing and helpful of all the modalities I've tried.
- Jenifer House, LMT, Cardiff

Foot Reflexology with Brad is like taking a trip to another dimension where there is no such thing as stress, thought, or concern. The only thing that exists in this dimension is relaxation deeper than you have ever experienced. You will be floating for the rest of the day.
- Rebecca Enders, Colon Hydrotherapist, Del Mar

Brad infuses a penetrating spiritual energy into his reflexology treatments that make them a cosmic experience. I always feel wondrously expansive and deeply released. Experiencing reflexology with Brad is beyond compare.
- Jenny Eda Schipper, Body Worker/Author, Encinitas

I've been going to Brad for over 8 years for health maintenance. He is blessed with such a gift that for anyone with or without a health challenge, it is such an awesome thing to receive the health benefits while enjoying the pleasure of reflexology. I highly recommend Brad's services for everyone.
- Kris River, Restaurant Manager, Encinitas

I have been receiving Reflexology from Brad on a regular basis for over two years. I compete in tennis tournaments nationally and I am sure it has helped prevent tennis related injuries and helped my feet to feel great. Brad is a wonderful spiritual being.
- Peter Soria "Playologist Pete," Encinitas